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Multi Effect Evaporator is used for minimizing the emissions from chemical industry. It also recovers the DM water which can be further used in the process. Multi Effect Evaporator recovers the products present in water wash. In our Multi Effect Evaporator, water is boiled in a sequence of vessels and each vessel is placed at a lower pressure than the previous one. 

Heat Pump
Heat pumps allow to get much higher efficiency levels compared to the traditional heating systems because they draw the main part of the required energy directly from the environment. The continuous improvement of the technologies applied to all the components and the constant optimization of the thermodynamic cycle, upon which the heat pump..,
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Heat Recovery Unit

A Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) can help make mechanical ventilation more cost effective by reclaiming energy from exhaust airflows. HRUs use air-to-air heat exchangers to heat incoming fresh air, recapturing 40 to 85 percent of the conditioned temperatures and/or that would otherwise be lost.