Measurement and Verification Service

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is a procedure for evaluating the exact effect on energy utilization. We have well-experienced Measurement and Verification professionals who are experts in developing and implementing M&V plans, including this we also have our own Measuring devices and advanced equipment’s to support our engineers. Our service involves baseline study, development of M&V plan, savings verification, continuous M&V.

We believe that energy efficiency and productivity are interrelated.  Our experience shows that verifying productivity improvements is as valuable as verifying energy efficiency improvements. Our team is skilled and has vast experience in the Measurement and Verification of energy and productivity improvements in a wide range of areas.

Baseline Study

Baseline energy study

Baseline parameter measurement

Baseline energy and process parameter (flow, temp., pressure, energy consumption etc.) report

Development of M&V plan

M&V instrumentation

plan selection & sizing

Preparation of M&V plan

Development adjustment factors

Savings Verification

M&V parameter study

Deriving adjustment factors

Savings estimation

M&V report

Continuous M&V

Periodic continuous M&V for implemented energy conservation measures