Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The air, the water and the sun are the three most common elements on Earth, represent a virtually in exhaustible source of energy and heat, that the modern technology applied to heat pumps allow to be used in an optimized way in order to satisfy the heating and cooling needs of all the dwellings with efficient and ecological solutions.

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Air Source HEAT PUMP

Air-source heat pump can provide efficient heating and cooling. When properly installed, an air-source heat pump can deliver two-and-half to three times more heat energy than the electrical energy it consumes. This is possible because heat pump generate heat by ambient air with some part of electrical energy to run the compressor.


Water Source HEAT PUMP

Water source heat pump operates much like a traditional air source heat pump except that it extracts and dissipates heat by way of water instead of air.


Energy efficiency:

Heat pumps allow to get much higher efficiency levels compared to the traditional heating systems because they draw the main part of the required energy directly from the environment. The continuous improvement of the technologies applied to all the components and the constant optimization of the thermodynamic cycle, upon which the heat pump operating mode is based, allow to achieve always better performances.

Air Source Heat pump:
  • Single compressor: 20 kW, 30 kW
  • Double Compressor: 40 kW, 60 kW
  • Water Source Heat pump:
  • Single compressor: 20 kW, 30 kW, 45 kW
  • Double Compressor: 40 kW, 60 kW, 90 kW
  • Unique Features:
  • High Efficiency
  • Highly Dependable
  • Design Flexibility
  • Wide Range of Options
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Operate
  • Unique Benefits:
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Precise Temperature control
  • Lower Running Cost
  • Safety
    • Lower Running Costs
    • Less Maintenance
    • Safety
    • Carbon Emissions
    • Provide Cooling
    • Long Life-Span