Heat / Cooling Recovery Solutions

Heat and cooling are rejected by various industrial equipment like chimney, Chillers, air compressors, Cooling units, Exhaust, and lot of Industrial process equipment’s. These rejected heats can be recovered from the atmosphere or before entering the atmosphere using various heat/cooling recovery equipment’s like Heat Pump, Heat exchangers, HOC Dryer, Heat recovery wheel, Economizer, Air preheater and lot.,

At Minput Energy We have standard sized units also, we design the Heat/Cooling recovery equipment by considering the current, future operation and capacity of the plant, hence the energy and cost saving will be higher with lower payback period

Waste Water

Heat Exchangers

Rotary Heat Exchangers

Temperature upgrade

Heat Pumps

Heat Transformers


Air Pre-heater



De-super Heater

Air Compressor

Heat Exchangers

HOC Dryers

Process Heat

Recovery Wheels

Heat Exchangers

Heat Pipes



Steam Boiler / Hot Water

Air Heater

Applicable Industry Segment