Compressed air Solutions

Compressed air is an integral part of the most manufacturing process. Compressed air finds its use in cleaning, process applications, etc., hence it plays important role in industrial sustainability and energy efficiency.

We provide solutions in the form of design, installation, commissioning of Air compressors, and piping. We strictly adhere to the building codes, international standards and Indian standards. We also offer innovative ideas for efficient usage of compressed air.

We understand the importance of maintaining the air compressor systems, hence we specialize in evaluating the equipment and system for any potential inefficiencies or future problems. Compressed air is an integral part for energy inefficiency can occur often, we reduce it by performing pressure checks, and leak survey.

Aluminum Piping

Air piping

CA Preparation

Compressor room retrofits

Room Ventilation

Efficiency Improvement

Cooling Water System

HOC Dryer

HOC Dryer with waste heat

Low Pressure

Rotary screw blowers

Centrifugal blowers

High Pressure Blowers

Medium Pressure

Screw compressors

Centrifugal compressor

Heat Recovery

HP recompressors

Heat Recovery

Drying / De-humidification

Applicable Industry Segment